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Our employment solutions
are good business.



Hearing protection
for warriors and workers



This agency was founded as Occupations, Inc. and has led the way ever since in assisting people who contribute to society despite challenges — individuals who are valued employees and the creators of products of the highest quality.


Most people know that hiring a person with challenges offers that individual the chance to be productively engaged in the community. Those who have had experience know that the organization benefits even more.


Our employers include a range of businesses and Government agencies for a variety of services from retail and clerical support to manufacturing, assembly, packaging and distribution, custodial, food service, facilities management and general business support.



Our facilities management services are tailored to the needs of our customers.

The goal is always to provide cost effective solutions, ensure safety, and improve the life cycle management of buildings and equipment.

A capable technical staff member is available 24/7.





We have experiencing managing 36 facilities representing 311,000 square feet in 7 counties, and provide property management to 46 leased residences.

Our technical team supports operations at a Military Preparatory School providing housing, classrooms, athletic facilities, synthetic fields, outdoor track and a dining facility to approximately 250 students.


• All physical plants, internal and external
• Work Order management
• Plumbing
• Irrigation
• Electrical Systems
• Building management System
• Roads, Grounds, and Synthetic Turf field
• Equipment and appliance maintenance


• Structural
• Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and lifesaving systems
• Landscape /hardscape/athletic synthetic fields
• Utilities system and operations
• Work order priority
• 24/7 monitoring of critical building systems



We have provided full food service operations for the past 14 years, a testament to our dependability and the value we represent to our Government customers.

The loyalty of our customers is a testament to the dedication of our well trained staff and the organization’s commitment to consistently excellent service.





Our partnership with The United States Military Academy at West Point.

After a decade of providing custodial services to different facilities on the West Point campus,
we recently expanded to provide Dining Services for the recently opened Military Academy Prep School.

We also provide Total Facilities Management and custodial services at the new 42 acre campus.



We have been providing custodial services for almost a quarter century. Our highly trained team meets the diverse needs of 32 Government customers throughout the Hudson Valley.

• Full Service Office Cleaning
• Total Floor Maintenance (waxing, stripping and buffing)
• Carpet Cleaning • Window Cleaning
• Pre-occupancy Preparation
• Post-construction Cleanup






Access: Business Solutions is an authorized affiliate of the SourceAmerica Network, a nonprofit agency
with sole source status on Federal procurements set aside under the AbilityOne Program.